Boston Public School Sports Medicine Initiative

Jared Lee, MD
Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program, Boston, MA

The Boston Public School Sports Medicine Initiative is an innovative program designed to provide high quality medical coverage to the football teams of the Boston Public Schools (BPS). Orthopaedic surgery residents from the Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program (HCORP) have worked closely with Children’s Hospital Boston’s Sports Medicine Division to provide this physician coverage for the last 10 years. The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association mandates that a physician, a licensed athletic trainer or an emergency medical technician (EMT) be on site for all football games. Prior to the initiative, only an EMT, who is not trained in sports medicine, was present at BPS football games. EMTs are limited in their scope of practice and their ability to determine whether or not an athlete is able to return to competition following an injury. Often coaches were left in an uncomfortable role of determining whether a player can return to play, be withheld from competition, or seek additional medical treatment. Over the last ten years, the residents of HCORP have been a solution to this problem by providing excellent orthopedic sports medicine care and allowing coaches and players to focus on the game. In addition to on-field physician coverage, the residents provide pre and post game evaluations, treatments and make appropriate referrals as needed. Through this Initiative, these physician services are provided at no cost to the city of Boston.

The residents of HCORP have worked hard to help provide a safe environment in which young athletes can participate in organized sports. The residents have helped prevent and treat sports injuries that can potentially rob promising athletes of opportunities and benefits inherent in playing organized sports. Research has demonstrated that participation in sports is associated with decreased involvement with drugs, violence and sexual activities. Athletes also benefit from improved self-esteem, a strong camaraderie with teammates, and leadership skills.

Additionally, the HCORP residents are able to gain valuable on-field experience in managing athletic injuries. Commonly treated injuries include ankle sprains, “stingers”, and knee injuries. Last year residents were responsible for on field treatment of finger dislocations, shoulder dislocations and an ankle dislocation. Prompt diagnosis and treatment of these injuries allow these BPS student athletes to get directly referred to the appropriate clinic for treatment and rehabilitation. This allows them to quickly and safely return to sport. This management experience is much different than typical resident training in Harvard affiliated emergency departments and clinics. Residents also work closely with the licensed athletic trainers and EMTs present at games and act as colleagues and instructors to other medical professions who have students and residents participating in game coverage.

Since the inception of the Initiative, HCORP resident involvement has continued to increase. Over the last 10 years 438 games have been covered by over 100 residents. Over the past three seasons alone (2008-2010) residents were able to provide physician coverage for a record 173 varsity football contests. This past season 14 residents provided physician coverage for 48 BPS home football games.

Under the leadership of Dr. Lyle Micheli, director of Children’s Sports Medicine Division, Dr. Mininder Kocher, assistant director, Brian FitzGerald, BSN, ATC, LAT and the commitment of residents from the HCORP, this program will continue to grow and positively impact the young athletes of Boston Public Schools as well as continue to broaden the training experience of HCORP residents. This remarkable program has been made possible by generous funding from The Roger and Michele Marino Foundation.

If you would like any information on the Boston Public Schools Sports Medicine Initiative or resident involvement in the program please contact; Brian FitzGerald, BSN, ATC, LAT, Division of Sports Medicine, Children’s Hospital at 617-355-6534, e-mail: or Jared Lee, MD, Resident Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program email:

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Pictures from Madison Park High school field for Madison Park vs. Dorchester


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